The Diploma Program

Students study six subjects selected from the subject groups. Normally three subjects are studied at higher level (courses representing 240 teaching hours), and the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level (courses representing 150 teaching hours).

All three parts of the core—extended essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service—are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Programme.


9-12 Grade Students: Please remember to work on your C.A.S. reflections as you do your service activities.

  • Juniors and Seniors post yours to ManageBac.
  • Freshmen and Sophomore students print and turn them into Ms. Marcano.


Juniors, remember to continuously work on your Extended Essays you should have a rough draft before you leave for summer.  It may be very beneficial for you to have that done in more ways than one.

Haines City IB Course Progression

2017-2018 Course Progression